Angela Christie

Director, Operations and Residential Healthcare, Masonicare

“Purple Flag for Dementia Care accreditation is a way to showcase what can be achieved by a good team. It gives us pride and credit for the work our staff does that may go unnoticed behind the scenes. Every department bought into the best practices and the Purple Flag program. We’ve become so much stronger as a team and it’s been a very rewarding experience.”

David Bordonaro

Former President & CEO, McLean
“The process to achieve this designation was so very helpful and meaningful for the memory care program that we provide. All policies and procedures were reviewed to be certain they met the highest standards of care. We believe our residents have a higher quality of life, especially with the enhanced staff education as well as family education.”
Purple Flag Testimonial

How can you tell the difference when looking for Memory Care for your loved one? Look for the Purple Flag!

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